Check Out Margot Robbie's Pink Corvette in the Latest Barbie Movie Trailer

A custom, scaled-down C1 Corvette takes center stage in the second Barbie trailer.

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Through the years, Barbie has had a lot of cars. Like, a lot. So when the second trailer released for the upcoming Barbie movie, we hoped to catch a glimpse of a Barbie vehicle — maybe a bright pink Jeep, or a few shots of her custom Corvette from the movie’s posters. As it turns out, we got more than that — a lot more.

The movie’s second trailer heavily features the Corvette, both in what appears to be the movie’s early setting as well as on a trip out into the “Real World” — a place presumably far less pink than Barbieland. The Corvette seems to be Barbie’s primary means of transport through at least the film’s opening act, and those scenes give us number of details about the car.

Barbie | Teaser Trailer 2

First, let’s talk about the big picture with this Corvette. It’s clearly based on a post-facelift C1 model, with the individual, upright headlights, but it’s been stretched to accommodate a second row of seating. It’s scaled down, so Margot Robbie’s head sticks above the windshield in classic Barbie doll fashion, but the car’s interior is actually surprisingly accurate to the real car. Take a look, here’s Barbie’s interior:


And here’s a real 1957 Corvette:

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Screenshot: sv1ambo, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Everything in Barbie’s car is in the right place, but it’s been flattened out — like the simplistic molds of early Barbie accessories, this car’s interior is largely laid out with stickers. Interestingly, the only thing truly out of place is the rear-view mirror — don’t be surprised if this is a choice for ease of filming, rather than accuracy.

We see Barbie in the car throughout the trailer, but we can tell from her outfits that these scenes aren’t all mashed together in the film. In what appear to be the earlier shots, Barbie is wearing a pink plaid dress. But, when she takes the car out towards the Real World, she’s got some more travel-appropriate attire — a warmer, short-sleeved outfit.


Barbie can be seen exiting Barbieland in this car, in the shot above, and she’s still wearing it when Ryan Gosling’s Ken shows up in the back seat:


And, just on the edge of the frame, the two are wearing these clothes when setting out for the Real World:


Between all these clips, it seems we’ll be seeing a lot of Barbie’s Corvette during the films’ early minutes. The trailer is devoid of other cars, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see more all-pink vehicles in the upcoming film. It just means we may have to wait until July to see them for ourselves.