Mansory’s Latest Ferrari Mod Masks Slick Paint With a Heap of Carbon Fiber

Mansory is back with another heavily modified Ferarri, this time giving the F88 Spider a slick teal paint scheme and 880 hp.

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A side profile view of the Mansory F8XX supercar.
I like this paint scheme a lot.
Image: Mansory

Over the past couple of decades, German tuning house Mansory has made a name for itself creating outlandish iterations of some of the world’s most exclusive cars. Most of these creations, like the two-door Lamborghini Urus it unveiled earlier this year, leave many people asking “Why?” But some parts of its latest creation might leave you wondering why Ferraris doesn’t offer that look fresh from the factory.

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Mansory’s latest victim is the F88 Spider, which has been enrolled in the tuning shop’s One of One program with the creation of the F8XX Spider Tempesta Turchese. A place on this list means that Mansory will never create duplicates of its latest Ferrari, so certain details on this car won’t appear on any subsequent F8XX Spider.

But what’s on this car? Well, as it’s a Mansory creation, it’s festooned with all manner of carbon fiber additions. Car Scoops reports that there are new front dive planes, a modified rear diffuser and a split rear wing. The tuning shop has also given the F8XX an aggressive front splitter as part of a restyled nose, as well as new side skits and an updated rear fender.

A render of the Mansory F8XX Ferrari sports car.
Business in the front, party in the back.
Image: Mansory

But once you can see past all those carbon fiber additions you can enjoy the wonderful ombre paint scheme that Mansory has given this car. On the Tempesta Turchese, which means “turquoise storm” in Italian, Mansory has painted the front end a brilliant white color which fades back to a vibrant teal at the rear.


This ombre effect is reflected on the interior as well, which is ensconced in the same vibrant teal color as the car’s rear end. It’s an awful lot of teal, but I kind of dig it.

Inside the car, Mansory has scattered elements of bare carbon fiber and white trim to match the exterior styling. The company also inlaid the seats with an Italian flag motif, and filled the cabin with Mansory badges.

A render of the front end of the Mansory F8XX Ferrari.
How much would you pay for this?
Image: Mansory

Other changes made to the F88 to create this car include a bunch of modifications to upgrade its performance, not that the base Ferrari was lacking in this department.


Mansory hasn’t outlined the changes it made, but the new car now produces 880 horsepower, up from 710 hp in the standard car, and its zero-to-62 mph has dropped from 2.9 seconds down to 2.6. Top speed on the F8XX Spider has also increased by 10 mph to 220 mph.

There’s no word on a price for Mansory’s F8XX Spider Tempesta Turchese, but I imagine it’s the kind of car where if you have to ask that question, you probably can’t afford it.