These Spy Shots Show More Of The New Toyota Tacoma Than We've Seen So Far

It looks like Toyota is preparing a refresh for its best-selling truck, what would you like to see?

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A Toyota Tacoma pickup covered in black wrappings
The new Toyota Tacoma was spied testing
Photo: Abit Speener

The Tacoma is Toyota’s best-selling pickup. In its half-year sales for 2021, the truck sold more than 130,000 units to the end of June 2021, and sales were up 33 percent on last year.

But now, the mid-sized truck is facing competition from other marques realizing that not everyone wants a truck the size of a school bus.


Earlier this year, we were treated to Ford’s idea of a ‘small’ truck when it debuted the 2022 Maverick, and Hyundai’s Santa Cruz has been a popular option for anyone chasing that SUV-sized truck dream.

But Toyota has been king of this hill for some time now. Its Tacoma truck has dominated the mid-sized pickup market as it mopped up cash from anyone looking to buy a truck that could hide behind behemoths such as the Chevy Silverado, Ford’s F-150, or Toyota’s own Tundra.

A disguised Toyota Tacoma truck on the highway
The updated Toyota Tacoma retains the trucks square and aggressive look
Photo: Abit Speener

Now it seems Toyota’s top-seller is due for an update, as one canny Jalopnik reader spotted this test vehicle out in the wild.


The new truck was caught on film by savvy snapper Abit Speener in a black wrap to disguise its new look.

From the photos, it looks like the Tacoma, which sits below the Tundra in Toyota’s truck range, could be set to retain its modest dimensions for the refresh.


Under its wraps, the new truck also appears to keep the brand’s signature hexagonal grille design. But, this could now be flanked by an updated lighting array, as alluded to by the larger cutouts up front.

The Toyota Tacoma truck is disguised by a black wrap all over
Larger cutouts at the front of the truck could mean a new lighting array
Photo: Abit Speener

Moving down the length of the truck, it’s an ‘if it ain’t broke’ approach as the Tacoma retains its boxy design and aggressive stance.

At the rear, there’s a nice flared wheel arch bulging through the coverings, and further expanded lighting cutouts on the back of the truck.


It’s fairly well wrapped up, so we may be waiting a little while longer for a real glimpse at the updated Tacoma, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about its impending release.

What would you like to see on the new truck when the wrappings finally do come off?